"He who is not curious learns nothing!" is a well-known quote from Goethe, but in no way reflects our philosophy. With us, you'll find out everything you need to know before you book!

In our world of knowledge, you'll find answers to all your questions about trackdays, tests and all the other events we organise, from "A" for automotive trackwalk to "Z" for timekeeping. So you can get all the information you need before booking your event and take part in our event with a good feeling.

If we haven't provided any answers, we look forward to receiving calls, emails or carrier pigeons.


Our automotive track walks take place at every TRACKDAY5 OpenPit and TRACKDAY5 Elite event. Here you drive in a convoy to the most important sectors of the track, get out and a coach explains to you what you have to pay particular attention to in this section of the track. 

This way you know exactly when to turn in, where to set the apex and where to come out when accelerating to master the perfect lap. 

A track walk also gives you a much better view of the conditions on the racetrack. Does the bend slope downwards or does it have banking? How much incline or decline is there in a particular section of the track? Where is there a change of surface? You can find out all this on an automotive trackwalk with PARAGRAPH5!


One of the best ways to take your riding skills to the next level is to book a coaching session with one of our experienced pro instructors. Why does this make so much sense? Let's take a look:

  1. personalised training: our instructors provide bespoke training tailored to your individual needs and experience level. Whether you're a newcomer to the track or an experienced racer, a professional instructor can optimise your training.
  2. technical expertise: our instructors are experienced motorsport professionals with in-depth knowledge. They are familiar with the intricacies of each track and can give you valuable insights into cornering techniques, acceleration and braking to improve your lap times.
  3. improved safety: Safety is a top priority. Our instructors can help you become familiar with track safety policies and procedures. They will also teach you how to control your vehicle in a safe and controlled manner, so that you can drive your car at the limit without getting creased. This will not only help you on the track, but also on the road!
  4. increasing self-confidence: An instructor can increase your self-confidence by helping you to overcome challenges and fears. With their feedback and support, you can progress faster and avoid mistakes.
  5. racetrack insider knowledge: Our instructors know the secrets of every track. They'll give you advice on racing line, braking point and cornering technique to optimise your performance.

Book your coaching with a professional instructor today and maximise your trackday experience. Let's take your skills to the next level together and create unforgettable moments on the track.


We believe that transparency is very important. That's why you can always see exactly what you're booking and how much travelling time you can expect BEFORE you book an event.


At every PARAGRAPH5 event, your safety is our top priority. That's why maximum track safety and an experienced emergency doctor are always with you. A binding briefing and permanent monitoring of the traffic are a matter of course for us. 

Race tracks also specify a maximum capacity for vehicles on the track. Since your safety is of utmost importance to us, we keep our participant numbers well below the maximum track capacity. This also has a nice side effect: on our trackdays and tests you always have a free track and there are virtually no crashes! And since we place great emphasis on transparency, you will find the number of vehicles permitted in each group in each event description.



Basically, our TRACKDAY5 events, which are advertised for road vehicles, are driving safety training courses that are not designed to achieve top speeds. Therefore, no time is taken here. 

At our TRACKDAY5 Elite Events, there is also a "Track" group, which includes vehicles that are not street-legal and/or have slicks. In this group you can check your times with us. Timing is included here, because here you can also drive on lap times and compete with others.

At the 4PROS tests, professional timekeeping from our partner NL-Timeservice is of course always available. At 4PROS tests, sector times are also taken and a data stream is available on request so that you can also fine-tune the last tenth.


At PARAGRAPH5, we think that motorsport experiences on the racetrack should always be captured in pictures. That way you can better show your family and friends what you experience and bring the fascination of motorsport closer to them. That's why all TRACKDAY5 events and 4PROS tests are accompanied by a professional motorsport photographer. So that you don't have to choose between several pictures, you will receive ALL PICTURES FREE OF CHARGE after the event!



Throughout the day you can enjoy free drinks and snacks at our coffee bar.
During the TRACKDAY5 you can enjoy your free lunch while chatting with other participants. You can also book the Drivers' Lunch for your companions.

Catering is also provided at the 4PROS events; this can be booked to the desired extent (subject to a charge).


At each of our TRACKDAY5 events, you'll find a service corner in our pit with tools, jack, compressor and air pressure tester. This way, we can get you and your car back on the track if the worst comes to the worst.

If you would like a complete service, we can put together an attractive offer for you with our partners. Just send us a short e-mail or give us a call!



Preparation for a track day is crucial for safety and success.

Firstly, you should check your vehicle thoroughly. You should pay particular attention to tyres, brakes and fluid levels. It is also important that you remove all loose objects from the passenger compartment and fit your tow hook in case of an emergency.

Before you hit the track, you can also lower your tyre pressure a little in the pit lane, as it will rise again while you are driving on the race track.

To familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations on the track in advance, you can watch our briefing video here. It is very important that everyone takes these rules to heart, as this is the only way we can give everyone the perfect track day and be safe on the track. Anyone who ignores the rules may be excluded from the event. There will be no money back!

Helmets are compulsory at all TRACKDAY5 events and 4PROS tests without exception. If you don't have a full-face or jet helmet, you can hire or buy one from us (please let us know in advance if you need one).

Make sure you are fit! Drink plenty of water before the event, because driving on a race track is not only mentally but also physically exhausting. We always have snacks and drinks available for you on site.

Prepare yourself mentally for the event. You can take a look at our course maps or onboards in advance to familiarise yourself with the course.

Take the pressure off yourself! Even experienced racers get excited like little kids at Christmas just before they hit the track. Always be aware - you don't have to prove anything to anyone and even if you only do your laps comfortably, you will go home a better rider in the evening. If you're unsure, you can always make use of one of our coaches. We are always there for you!


In addition to the registration fee, there are of course other costs associated with a track day that should not be ignored. These vary, of course, and are mainly dependent on the car, the driver's driving style, the driving time and the number of laps. To give you as good a feeling as possible and a few tips on what to look out for, we list the possible costs here:

- Participation fee: this varies depending on the event

- Vehicle purchase costs: If you don't yet own a suitable sports car, track tool or racing car, one important point to start with - it doesn't always have to be the latest Porsche GT3 RS. Older vehicles, such as a BMW e36, can also be great fun! The important thing is that the vehicle is sporty and must be in perfect technical condition.

- Equipment: For all TRACKDAY5 events, you will need sturdy shoes and a helmet. However, you can also hire a helmet from us free of charge. Please let us know in advance if you need a helmet.

- Arrival & departure costs

- Wear and tear: During the trackday, your car will be exposed to significantly more stress than on the road. You must therefore expect increased wear on all components, especially tyres and brakes. The exact costs depend on the vehicle, as the brakes of a Renault Clio RS may be slightly cheaper than those of a McLaren Senna. 

- Fuel: Depending on vehicle, driving style and number of laps driven

- Insurance: If you are taking part in a TRACKDAY5 Afterwork, -OpenPit or -Elite with a road-legal car, it is best to clarify with your insurance company in advance whether they will cover the costs if the worst comes to the worst. If not, there are also so-called trackday insurance policies where you can insure your car for trackdays.



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